marți, august 30, 2011

Şi vrăjitorii beau şpriţ

Paulo Coelho, romanul Brida, vrăjitorul Magus:

He placed the wine and the mineral water before her.
"If he poured more water than wine into the first glass to be drank, that meant he wished to speak of serious things. If he poured equal quantities of both, they would speak of both serious and pleasant things. Finally, if he filled the glass with wine and added only a few drops of water, the night would be relaxing and enjoyable."

Toate astea mi se par extrem de cunoscute: vrăjitorii erau şpriţangii. :))

2 comentarii:

Cleo spunea...

...sau tu un vrajitor?! :)

Costel spunea...

... o vrajesc pe Zora. :)